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You're not alone. While many companies react to the current crisis, for companies lucky enough to be able to keep running remotely, many people are forced to work from home. If you are taking this course during the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to have a communication strategy in place. Your customers want to hear from you and know your plan for next steps. Not only do you need to consider how you will adapt current marketing, social media, and website messaging, you also need to adjust how and what you communicate with customers.


We are all trying to navigate these disruptive changes. It is important to remember that we are all in this together. Consider messaging that shows you care, understand the situation, and are there for your customers. A great way to show you care is to offer helpful resources during this time of uncertainty. While your customers may not have the resources or budget right now to purchase promotional products, maintaining your relationship now will solidify your future after the pandemic is over. A simple way you can show you care is to send an email to your point of contact and ask, “How are you doing?”.

Offer a helping hand

In addition to checking in on your customers and asking how they are, ask how you can help. Genuine, authentic concern can go a long way. Be willing to offer an ear for them to vent. Adapt your response to their reply. Whether you make that pitch for stay-at-home kits or hand sanitizer must depend on your customer’s situation. Be agile and listen. Pitching promotional products when someone is unable to pay their employees is a fast way to break trust and appear tone deaf. However, if a customer shares with you that they are grateful for their team during this trying time, you may get the opening to suggest some work-from-home products and ideas to say thank you.

“Use promo to sell promo”

This is a quote we hear time and time again from Charity Gibson from Peerless Umbrella. With experience as both a supplier and distributor, Charity has seen how powerful promotional products can be when used not only by your customers, but by you. If it is within your means, consider sending a self-promo or kit with products that remind your customers you are there for them. Click here for some ideas for types of collections and kits that are likely to cheer and delight.

Be proactive

Don’t just sit back and wait for customers to reach out to you. Let them know how your business has been impacted by recent events. Send an email outlining how you or your team is reacting to the changes. Ensure customers know you are still taking orders and offering consultations to brainstorm ways in which they may be able to be proactive themselves. If budget is a big constraint, at the very least, you can offer tips in this section to your customers. Remember, even if they are unable to purchase at this time, the bond you solidify now can outlast these events.

Don’t be tone-deaf

Review the messaging on your website, email campaigns, and marketing initiatives. The messaging you planned to use before the coronavirus hit may appear insensitive, wrong, or self-serving. Adjust and adapt messaging to convey that you are there for your customers, whether they are able to purchase products right now or not.

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