Hardware: the equipment you need

2 minutes

While it may be possible to do everything with just your laptop, there are certain pieces of equipment that can enhance your at-home office..

Get a monitor

This may be the most important piece of equipment you can add to your home office. A monitor will protect your eyes and posture. You may even consider using more than one monitor, a setup for the more advanced remote worker.

Keyboard and mouse

In addition to a monitor, a mouse and keyboard will also improve your posture while working. There are many affordable options out there. We recommend looking for a set that is wireless. Check out your options on Amazon or bestbuy.com by searching for “wireless keyboard and mouse”.


If you are working in a space with family members nearby, a headset can make online meetings and conferences much smoother. They will reduce background noise for the people you are talking to, and help you hear everything more clearly.

A desk or counter

We already touched on setting up your desk. When choosing the surface you will work on, find one that is a comfortable height for you when seated in your desk chair. Ideally you want your feet flat on the floor, knees and elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, and monitor or computer screen at eye level. Level up by investing in an adjustable standing desk. Switching between standing and sitting at your computer throughout the day has been proven to help posture and reduce the chance of developing back pain.

A comfortable chair

We cannot stress the importance of a good chair enough. This is an investment you should make. Sitting in a bad chair for many hours a day can result in backache and tension. Look for a chair that is designed for desk work and try to avoid your dining room chairs or kitchen stools.


Filling your space with natural light is ideal, but not always possible. Consider adding additional lighting to your space if you are not near a window. Staring at a bright computer screen in a dark room can be bad for your vision. To go the extra mile, you can even consider buying a sun lamp, which are believed to have a positive impact on serotonin and melatonin levels.