Setting up your work-space

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Working from home is your new norm, but doing so is not always easy. There are many distractions that come with trying to run a business in your personal space. However, there are some simple steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

The first thing you must do is find a designated work space. Whether you have an at-home office, or need to create one, here are some things to consider when choosing where you will be working from.

Minimize distractions.

If you do not have an office at home, you can still create a space. This may be in the corner of a guest room, a section of your kitchen counter, or a strategically placed table in your living room. When choosing your space, try to find somewhere that is a low traffic area during the workday. If you have kids or a spouse at home, look for a place where they are least likely to be during work hours. While it may not be possible to find a completely isolated space, it is important to create a space that family members can try to avoid during work hours (so don't set up in the middle of your toddler's playroom!).

Set up your "desk".

You do not need an actual desk to set up your office. A kitchen counter or portable table will do the trick. Choose a "desk" that has reasonable space to place a monitor, your laptop, keyboard, and mouse, and some room to the side for a notebook, stationery, and that all important cup of coffee. Make sure you are near an outlet, or can connect to one with an approved extension cord or surge suppressor.

Keep it clean.

Do not clutter your space with too many things. A clear space helps keep a clear mind. At the end of your day, ensure used mugs and cups are removed. The addition of a small potted plant or picture frame can definitely make your new work space more enjoyable, but keep these things to a minimum.

Set "office hours".

The new space you set up is now your new office. Ensure that others who may also be home, understand the purpose of this space and ask them to steer clear during your defined office hours. Do not take work outside of your office (meaning no laptop in bed or on the couch). Creating a clear boundary between your work space and living space will make working from home much more doable.

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