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Working remotely means face-to-face meetings are out. However keeping communication lines open, especially team discussions, is essential to keeping your business moving forward. That is where virtual conferencing comes in. Yes, video chatting with your coworkers while sitting in your homemade office might feel awkward, but hey, we are all friends here and we are all in this together.

There are plenty of solid video conferencing solutions, including ZOOM Communications and GoToMeeting. We will focus on GoToMeeting since this is the tool we use at ZOOMcatalog.


GoToMeeting is an all-purpose video tool that keeps businesses connected through online meetings, webinars, and conference rooms. There are a number of features that enable you to easily connect with customers and colleagues.

Conference calls

Similar to your traditional conference call, with GoToMeeting you can quickly jump into a “call” with one or many people at once. You can use your computer microphone and speakers, or dial in using a phone.


For a more personal experience, attendees can turn on their webcam in order to meet face-to-face.

Screen sharing

Another powerful feature is the ability for an attendee to share their computer screen. Below we will go into more detail about how this feature can be used.


Host educational sessions that include a presenter and an audience. Quickly set up a registration page that can be shared online so people can sign up to attend the session. The main differences of a Webinar compared to a conference is that attendees are muted, the session is recorded, and generally has a much larger attendance.

How the ZOOMcatalog team uses GoToMeeting

We are far from newbies when it comes to virtual meetings. The ZOOMcatalog team has relied on GoToMeeting since 2010. We have contemplated switching to Zoom Communications, but since they stole our name, we decided not to. Just kidding, but we do stick with GoToMeeting since inviting people to Zoom meetings to learn about ZOOM would get pretty confusing.

GoToMeeting has been powering our meetings and has allowed us to connect virtually with customers for years. For us, the power is in the screen share capabilities. We are able to share our screen and walk our customers through our suite of tools. Here are some of the types of meetings we will host with GoToMeeting:

  • Sales - Our account executives are able to show prospects how everything works. We can jump between screens and show them the “behind the login” functionality they otherwise would not have access to. Being able to show the tools in action makes these meetings much more effective.

  • Webinars - We host a number of webinars throughout the year. We use the GoToWebinar functionality and are able to create registration pages for different sessions. GTW has a number of powerful features such as being able to take questions, poll attendees, record the session, and send follow-up emails.

    • Bonus: Click here to attend or watch our most recent webinar: How to Use Digital Catalogs and Flyers During the Pandemic.

  • Customer support - Oftentimes when someone reaches out to us for help or with a question, we will jump into a quick GoToMeeting to see where they are stuck, or to show them how to do something. GTM allows our customer support team to see our customer’s screen or show their own.

  • Training - We build a number of customer tools for our partners, including supplier sales teams and large distributor buying groups. We use GoToMeeting to schedule and conduct training, where an audience of about ten to fifteen people can join us to learn how to use these tools. Trainings are a little different to webinars, in that they are smaller, and attendees have audio capabilities so that they can ask questions out loud as the session progresses (as opposed to webinars, where attendees type their questions).

  • Internal Meetings - We use GoToMeeting for our internal meetings. Not only does it allow a large group of us to all dial in to speak with each other, but we can use the screen share feature to show an agenda, walk through wireframes, and present new features prior to release.

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