Build a communication plan

2 minutes

Communication is the foundation of every relationship, in life and business. It is essential to building a trusting relationship with your customer base, especially if you will be working with them remotely. It can be more challenging to establish these relationships with customers when you rarely see them in person. In this course, we cover how to establish a communication plan, keeping the challenges of remote work and the current pandemic in mind.

As you start to think about your communication plan, there are two separate areas of focus: one-on-one, individualized communication, and general, widespread communication between your company and your customer and prospect pool. Both play an integral part in building a successful business, and should run parallel to one another.

One-on-one communication - this includes all the touchpoints between you and a specific customer, whether that customer is an individual or a team. One-on-one communication needs to be adapted to that specific customer’s needs and preferences, and should remain accessible and organized for both parties. We will outline the communication channels to consider when planning your one-on-one communication plan, and how to use them to build trust, maximize efficiency, and stay organized.

General company communication - This area covers the messages your company is sending out to the general public and your customer base, the channels that will be used to do so, and guidelines for your entire team. It is crucial that your team has a cohesive communication plan, as it will build trust and reduce friction between and among your team and clients. Your company communication plan will strongly influence how your customers feel and what they think about your company overall. Moving forward with a well thought out plan can have a resounding effect on your business, especially during these trying times.