Enforcing and consistency

3 minutes

Great work! You've put together a foundation for your brand and by now, you should have a solid understanding of your company and its personality.

Now you have to tackle the hardest part of all - putting it to use day in, day out. Without this, all your hard work goes out the window. Let's look at some of the ways you can do this.

Create an easily shareable document

You have all the information that now makes up your brand. You need to make this readily and easily available to everyone who needs it, in the form of a Brand Guide. Create a PDF (deck) that can easily be shared over, print that same guide, and make it available in your office, and place it online in your shared file drive so everyone can find it.

Whatever the method you choose, the goal is to make this information accessible.

Educate everyone

With the information accessible to everyone who needs it, you should be educating everyone about its existence and how they can use it. Start by announcing the brand project and presenting your work to your whole company.

Assign a brand owner

Whether it's you or another member of your team, assign someone to be the owner of your brand, and responsible for its correct and effective use. This will be the person people turn to with questions and ideas about your brand.

Remind everyone

Make sure the brand never slips from people's minds. Give people credit when they use the brand correctly and share those great examples of the brand being used with the wider team. Get creative with exploring new ways to keep your brand out there - but also, always workg to keep it on people's radar and using it correctly.

The final take away from this course is this. Whether you use what you have learned to improve your company’s brand, help customers build and improve their brands, improve your team’s engagement with your brand, or work with agencies or freelancers more effectively - none of it will matter if you do not use your brand consistently. Consistency is what will make a brand valuable and memorable.

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